What is Global Minds

Global Minds is a weekday preschool that also operates as an after school language learning facility for children in grades K-12th.   In our preschool program, our experienced, caring teachers primarily focus on speaking Chinese and Spanish since it is the natural first component of any language. Through demonstration, repetition, group, individual and interactive play, Global Minds makes becoming bilingual an easy, fun, and playful experience!

For the after school Mandarin Chinese program, we teach traditional characters, and pinyin (the romanization of Chinese).  It is our belief that Chinese has become a relevant language universally, and will continue to become more important in the future.

We also have developed courses for different levels of Spanish.  They offer up a myriad of opportunities in the fields of business, translation and interpretation for those who can develop them as a fluent second language.

We offer one-on-one and small group classes, limited to 7 students.  This allows our teachers to cater to each individuals’ weaknesses and strengths. At Global Minds, we believe that learning another language does not just allow one to speak with others, but it also helps one to understand other cultures, values and customs.