5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. After only a few Chinese lessons our daughter is hooked and has given all of her dolls and stuffed animals Chinese names. It is amazing seeing how quick she has picked up the new sounds and how much she loves practicing her Chinese. We love Global Minds!

  2. We have searched and searched for the right fit for a preschool for our son and we are so happy that we found this! Sending our 3 year old to school was a big leap for us but we couldn’t be happier with our choice. His teachers are amazingly kind and attentive to his needs. They are wonderful: passionate about teaching, fun, and take the time to actively listen not only to my son but also to me when dropping off and picking him up. They were instrumental in facilitating a smooth transition for him to school and offered me suggestions on how to assist as well, guidance that I needed and appreciated! I am so pleased with the progress he has made in his language skills. But honestly, what pleases me the most is that he is happy at school. Looking forward to a great year together. Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. In 2 months of going to Global Minds our 3 year old daughter comes home singing songs in Mandarin! We love the school, the security, and the awesome student to teacher ratio. Our 22 month old will start in January! Our 13 year old and 10 year old sons go to the after school language program and come home doing their home work over and over again – they enjoy it that much…and they aren’t those types of kids! I love that the two boys are in a class together and ALL our children will be able to share the knowledge of Mandarin together. As a bi-lingual mother who has traveled extensively, I know how important it is to know another language in order effectively communicate and experience a culture to the maximum. I look forward to my children having the same asset moving forward in life.

  4. When we moved to the area and saw Global Minds just down the street, it was a natural first stop, as we sought a preschool for our bilingual (Spanish-English) 2-year-old. We were surprised that we had to no look no further, as both my son and I chose the school after spending less than an hour visiting it. I was most attracted to the intimate size and environment, the language immersion, and the fact that the owners were first and foremost teachers and people passionate about what they do, with a real vested interest in their project and their students. Six months later, all of these things continue to impress me. But we also now have the added benefit of having our son in the Chinese class a few times a week as well. He started there by chance, as we awaited a new Spanish teacher, but suddenly saw the benefits of him gaining a new language (and cultural awareness), while practicing his native language (Spanish). Children truly are sponges, and while he loves his days in Spanish class, as he recognizes a lot of the songs and games, he is thrilled with Chinese and the fact that he can teach us new words. And we are surprised that he has incorporated a number of Mandarin phrases into his home life, and can even sing us Mandarin songs! I think the mental flexibility and openness that he is gaining is priceless. And lastly, my husband and I have really enjoyed getting to know the Global Minds community. There is truly an interesting mix of students and teachers from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and we have loved meeting them and their parents.

  5. As a working parent, my son has been in “school” since he was three months old. From three months to two years, he had loving caregivers supporting his development. We had a small gap though during his two’s, when we sought a language immersion program that also catered to the social and emotional needs of two year olds. This gap produced an intensive preschool search that ultimately brought us to the doorstep of Global Minds.

    Only opened for three months at that time – and with no more than a banner where the current, permanent sign is located – I stumbled upon Global Minds not through word of mouth but through a google search. As an involved parent, I naturally fretted my child starting at a brand new school that I couldn’t research or learn about from others’ experiences. However, all of my concerns dissipated after meeting Adam and Chi Chi. They are supportive, well-organized, and clearly care so much about each and every child.

    At the time of my son’s initial enrollment, I had a few “must have’s” on my school list: a teacher and director that genuinely cared about my child, language immersion, emphasis on social and emotional development, and an attractive facility in which I would feel comfortable having my child spend his days. Global Minds has all of these in spades and more. A year later, my son has flourished socially and behaviorally — and much of that has to do with his “long talks with the Director” and teachers that watch the children closely. He interacts with his peers appropriately for his age now, rarely gets frustrated, ‘uses his words’, understands more Spanish and Mandarin than I ever will, and has a lovely group of friends.

    An educator myself, I have taken note of Adam’s (the Director and owner) and Chi Chi’s (Mandarin teacher and owner) wonderful student and parent relations skills. I have observed that they are so exceptionally talented in these areas because every decision they make is always with the best interest of their students in mind. Both of them are so selfless and very giving. On more than one occasion they have unknowingly served as mentors for my own community relationship building.

    If I had to make a suggestion about what I would change at Global Minds, the answer would be ‘nothing.’ We have about a year and a half left at the school and I am already sad that it is such a short time away. Fortunately, their after school program is thriving as well; I fully intend on having my son come back for afternoon language sessions once he begins kindergarten. My husband and I are forever grateful to Global Minds for their hand in aiding in our sons’ development during these formative years.

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